Pharmaceutical Applications

Gelatine – Pharmaceutical Applications

Gelatine used to manufacture hard and soft capsules, it also plays a key role as a binder in tablets, vitamin embedding and coating. Low endotoxin gelatines are used in plasma expanders, in vaccines and in blood-staunching sponges, to mention just a few. In particular, it’s the fillm forming ability, thermo-reversible gelation properties and adhesive behavior that make gelatine so versatile. All that applications makes gelatine one of the shining ingredient of pharmaceutical companies.

Hard Capsules

Hard capsules made of pure gelatine are available large variety of colors that everybody uses every day. Consumers and patients like them because they are easy to swallow – and from a pharmaceutical perspective, they protect sensitive active ingredients and ensure a high level of bioavailability. And hard capsules are number one sizing solutions for pharmaceutical companies to ensure exact amount of biomass for each patient.

Soft Capsules

Soft capsules are preferable For the liquid, semi-solid or oil-based fillings. Fish oil that we take daily can not imagine without gelatine capsule.

Vitamin Coatings

Oil-based vitamins like vitamin A, D, K or E have special requirements: they are light and oxygen sensitive. In these applications, gelatine may play effective role as a multitasking agent. Finest vitamin drops are evenly distributed in an aqueous gelatine solution using the emulsifying agent of gelatine; then, a special spray drying process converts the solution into a free flowing powder or dust.  oil-based vitamins, the powder is easily dispersible in hot or cold water. In addition, the gelatine coating protects the vitamin from light or oxygen causes. The powder can be used in hard gelatine capsules, sachets or compressed.