Halavet Gıda Gerede Fabrikası

Halavet Gıda is among Top 1000 Exporters

Halavet Gıda, which operates as a group company of İskefe Holding, was among top 1000 exporters of Turkey in 2020 in the “The first 1000 exporters of Turkey” survey conducted by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and awarded.

Halavet Gida, the successful brand of İskefe holding, one of Turkey’s important industrial and technology companies operating since 1957 took the 813th place in the “The first 1000 exporter companies” list announced by the Turkish Exporters Assembly every year.

Halavet Gıda meets the gelatin demand of consumers in Turkey, Europe and Asia with its products in the field of pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics.

İskefe Holding, which produces edible gelatin and collagen-based products, meets 6 percent of the world’s need for beef gelatin production.