What is Gelatine?

What is Gelatine?

Gelatin is a protein substance. Gelatine derived from collagen found in the tissue of mammals, in the connection points of muscles and bones, and other organs and in the skin. It has been producing via long production processes from the skin, bones and connective tissue of the animals. There are 2 different manufacturing processes in order to get gelatin; the acid and alkaline method. In order to get gelatin the collagen are exposed to alkaline hydrolysis (type B gelatin) or acid hydrolysis (type A gelatin).

Gelatin is a very strong nutrient in terms of amino acid. Because its structure consists to 84-86% out of protein, it is a nutrient rich for protein.

Advantages of Gelatine

Gelatine is naturel and pure protein which is GMO free. Gelatine contains no gluten, zero cholesterol, zero fat, zero carbohydrates. Gelatin is Food which is allergen free.

Gelatin itself is macro molecule with many important benefits. First important one is gel strenght. And setting and melting temperatures and its viscozity also. Furtermore, the formation and stabilization of foams and emulsions as well as its pH and isoelectric point are of considerable value. Gelatin can make clear and transparent Solutions, which gel when cooled and melt agan warmed. Gelatine increase viscozity of prodyct and it functions as buffer. Gelatine can form films and surface also.

Our Production

halavet food 200 bloom
200-220 Bloom Edible Bovine Gelatine

Toffee, filled candy, gelatin candy, marshmallow, confectionary products, gum variants

230-250 Bloom Edible Bovine Gelatine

Gelatin candy, jelly, marshmallow, gum variants

halavet food 250 bloom
250-270 Bloom Edible Bovine Gelatine

Gelatine candy, jelly, gum variants

Gelatine is a multitalented ingredient for countless applications

Gelatine gives gummy bears their consistency and form, and yogurts their stability and creamy texture. Food applications are perhaps the best-known examples, but they’re certainly not the only ones for this incredibly useful collagenous protein


Traditional yet modern, natural, clean-label ingredient (neutral in color, smell and taste) seeks new fields of operation. Can work as a gelling agent, stabilizer, binder, emulsifier, film former, foaming and whipping agent or carrier. Special skills include fat, carbohydrate and calorie reduction, protein enrichment and mouthfeel enhancement.


Gelatine used to manufacture hard and soft capsules, it also plays a key role as a binder in tablets, vitamin embedding and coating. Low endotoxin gelatines are used in plasma expanders, in vaccines and in blood-staunching sponges, to mention just a few. All that applications makes gelatine one of the shining ingredient of pharmaceutical companies.