Collagen Proteins

Traditional yet modern, natural, clean-label ingredient (neutral in color, smell and taste) seeks new fields of operation. Can work as a gelling agent, stabilizer, binder, emulsifier, film former, foaming and whipping agent or carrier. Special skills include fat, carbohydrate and calorie reduction, protein enrichment and mouthfeel enhancement. Experienced in new product development and reformulation. References: Gummy candies, chewy candies, marshmallows, desserts, yogurts, ice cream, cake glazings and fillings, bread spreads, meat products and many more.

Bakery Products

In cakes and pastries, powder, leaf and instant gelatines can help to create delicious whipped fillings with perfect textures and the right amount of firmness – from creamy soft to sliceable – to make your cake or pastry a feast for the eyes.

Gelatine also creates a wonderful creamy mouthfeel, even in fat-reduced fillings. And, technically speaking, gelatine can both enhance the product’s shelf-life and increase its freeze-thaw stability. That’s not all, with gelatine, we can help you to enhance the crispiness of wafers and biscuits.


Do you know why gummy bears are one of the most successful sweets worldwide? It’s the gelatine: it provides the shiny, crystal clear appearance, the elastic texture, the tender melting sensation in your mouth and that intense flavor release. No other ingredient could ever replicate the functionality of gelatine.

In chewy candies, gelatine acts as an excellent emulsifier, but also as a gelling, foaming and stabilizing agent, giving products a pleasant mouthfeel, a feeling of indulgence and long-lasting flavor release.

Also, for light, soft, foamy marshmallows that melt in hot drinks or can be roasted in a campfire, gelatin is essential. And we think that’s a good thing. Product developers like that they can achieve all kinds of stable foams, from soft to firm. Gelatine is the perfect ingredient for clean-label and allergen-free sweets.

Dairy Product & Desserts

In yogurts, gelatine prevents syneresis. And whether you want a creamy or firm consistency, anything is possible. Gelatine also enables creams and toppings to maintain their appealing shape, makes sour cream and cheese spreads easy to spread, provides superior melting properties and gives semi-fat butter that fat-like texture.

How does Gelatine do all this? Gelatine can bind water and is a versatile emulsifier and stabilizer. It can mimic the “fatty” mouthfeel and is perfect for low-fat, semi-fat and even fat-free products. It can even make creamy fat-free ice cream a reality – without other additives. We promise that you’ll struggle to tell the difference between the fat-free and the full-fat versions. Furthermore, if you need optimized crystal formation in your ice cream or want your coatings and popsicles to be more stable at room temperature, we also have a solution.

Collagen Proteins in Meat Products.

Sliceable aspic meat products and sausages can be produced with the help of gelatine. For the edible skins, suitable special gelatines with the necessary adhesive properties are available. High-quality collagen proteins can also be used to optimize the technological and sensory quality parameters – for example to reduce the jelly and fat content of preserved sausages, to improve the spreading properties of sausage spreads, to optimize the texture of boiled sausages, to enrich the protein content of pickled items or to accelerate the reduction in aw-value and shortening of the maturation process of raw sausage meat.