About Us

Our Values

We consider future generations in all our production processes, treating society and theenvironment with respect.

We dedicate ourselves with passion to the full satisfaction of all our customers.

We strive to always fulfil our social and ethical responsibilities towards our employees.

We pride ourselves on employing our entrepreneurial spirit to find creative solutions to every situation we face.

Our Vision

We are a fast-growing company producing sustainable collagen based products.
We see ourselves as an indispensable partner to companies working in food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Our Mission

We provide collagen-based solutions to our business partners using an innovative and ecological approach. We are inspired to make a positive contribution to the natural world and to society through our sustainable and environmentally-friendly production principles.

Our Company Policy

Providing Customer Satisfaction Timely and Low Cost by Targeting Continuous Quality in Edible Cattle Gelatin and Collagen Production and Providing Continuous Service, Providing Unconditional Customer Satisfaction,

Using Reliable Raw Materials and Producing 100% Bovine Gelatin and Collagen in Safe, Healthy, Halal and Hygienic Conditions as Required by Our Industry and Implementing Food Safety Standards,

To provide this, to increase the Culture of Food Safety by providing continuous training to our employees and to prioritize Human and Environmental Health,

Complying with Food Safety Management Requirements While Providing Quality at the Highest Level, Producing 100 % beef gelatin and collagen by taking all precautions against imitation and adulteration risks, Continuous Improvement of Food Safety Management Conditions by Considering Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), To no Compromise from Quality and Food Safety under any conditions,

Requesting and Communicating Food Safety Information Throughout the Food Chain,

Comply With Legal Requirements and Regulations…