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Halavet is a company that produces high value products such as edible gelatin or collagen hydrolysates and has an innovative structure that especially in the food sector, aims to increase the competitiveness of Turkey on the world market by developing new products and integrating different sectors.

Halavet Gıda, which takes, at all stages of production, food safety as the basis of its quality policy and uses  traceable raw materials carries out an environmentally friendly production with its dynamic teams of experts and the latest and modern technology. We are a fast-growing company producing collagen-based products, serving as an indispensable partner to companies working in food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


Gelatine makes number one sucessfull factor of soft candies all around the globe from 7 years old to 70. Because ggelatine makes gummy bears shiny, crystal clear appreance, elastic. Gelatine is also convey you to taste of wonderful mothfeel with fat reduction benefit.


Gelatine used to manufacture hard and soft capsules, it also plays a key role as a binder in tablets, vitamin embedding and coating. All that applications makes gelatine one of the shining ingredient of pharmaceutical companies.

Halavet Food Gelatine

Health & Nutrients

Collagen is a well-established source of functional peptides with biological activity. As functional foods, collagen peptides have been shown to exhibit important physiological functions with a positive impact on health. Collagen is the three primary components of your skin.

What is Gelatine?

Gelatin is a very strong nutrient in terms of amino acid. Because its structure consists to 84-86% out of protein, it is a nutrient rich for protein. Gelatine is a macromolecule with numerous important properties. Most important are its gel strength, setting and melting temperatures and its viscosity.

What is Collagen?

It can be also considered as a kind of “glue” because of its name derived from the word “kólla”, which means “glue”. It is one of the most important building blocks of almost every organ including bones, skin, muscle, tendon and ligament, even the eyes and teeth.

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